On the Roof of the Reichstag, Berlin

After the reunification of Germany and sixty years after the fire in 1933, the Reichstag building has been fully restored and has regained its role as the seat of parliament. Its grand culmination was the addition of a glass dome and transforming the roof into a gigantic terrace, which completed the reconstruction in 1999. This resulted in a combination of the traditional and extremely modern. This is the same kind of boldness as placing the glass pyramid on the courtyard of the Louvre - a path of visionary solutions that combines the new and the old.

The view of Berlin from the rooftop is not as thrilling and spectacular as, for example, the view of Manhattan from the Empire State Building. Essentially, walking on the roof gives us a sense of freedom due to its vast area, which is open on all sides, and the transparent, futuristic shape of the dome.


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