In Berlin, there are two types of urban railways. The fast one is called the S-Bahn, whose lines generally run along embankments or trenches. The second is underground railway, the U-Bahn, whose tracks usually run beneath the city. However, in some places, the U-Bahn emerges to the surface, and the tracks extend onto overpasses. These overpass sections can be extremely charming, and according to my observation, the shorter the stretch, the nicer it is. In these places, the U-Bahn blooms violently, as if hurrying before diving back into the ground.

Urban railway stations are among the objects that were built keeping in mind their usability and functionality. Meanwhile, many of the designers and constructors were able to find a way to combine functionality and attractiveness, and this creates the harmonious beauty of some of the stations. But this charming touch is usually never noticed, since they are often crowded places, viewed in a hurry and overlooked by passersby. In short, if they notice it at all, it is done under conditions that are completely unfavorable to contemplation.


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