About projects

The main theme of most of my photographic projects are public places and industrial sites. What fascinates me in those elements of material culture is the combination of functionality and beauty, as well as the hidden portrait of the nature of their creators and users. Therefore, despite the fact that people rarely appear in my photographs, they are actually the real heroes.

For me, the harmonious combination of natural forces and human activities seems to be particularly interesting, such as using the natural energy of water at power plants or water mills. Old places that have been functioning for a very long time are of course the most interesting of all, due to their superimposed histories. The best sites are objects that are still working (abandoned sites relatively quickly lose their character and are deprived of the tangible, human dimension).

About the Author

It often happens that professional work and artistic passion run parallel paths, which is also the case with the author of the photographs presented on this site. Jacek Stefanski’s professional activities have mainly dealt with applied mathematics (for many years he worked as a scientist, then as an investment analyst, and then as a university lecturer). At the same time, he cultivated his passion for photography, devoting more and more time to it in recent years. Though he uses digital techniques, he continues to made pictures in black-and-white, since he believes that color images are usually wordy, while monochrome gives us a synthesis instead of a simple description. Instead of a particular story, we can rise to the level of a universal parable.